Is Nars Going Cruelty Free

Is Nars Going Cruelty Free. From now on, nars is going to test on animals where required by law, meaning they are Now, we can definitively say nars is not cruelty free.

How Much Is My Face Worth (With images) Nars sheer glow
How Much Is My Face Worth (With images) Nars sheer glow from

Nars has made the decision to move into the chinese market which could prove a huge sales margin for the brand but in doing so they unfortunately have to abide by chinese laws about ingredient safety and animal testing laws. Nars is no longer a cruelty free brand; Nars is owned by shiseido, a brand that has never been cruelty free.

They Will Be Added To My List Of Brands That Test On Animals.

Asking if nars was leaving shiseido or gonna stop selling in china. Brands who fall under this category could also be selling products where animal testing is required by law. Unfortunately, earlier this year, they updated their animal testing policy to reflect their decision to join the chinese market.

Of Course, This Is A Grey Area, And Some Of You Have Not Supported Nars Because Of Their Parent Company.

Everyone got their tissues ready? Seventeen is still my favorite, but this one is a close second. Even though they claim to not test on animals, they choose to sell in a country that requires imported cosmetics to be tested.

Identified As A Luxury Brand, Nars Has An Edgy Appeal With Sleekly Housed Products Sold In Their Matte Black Packaging.

From now on, nars is going to test on animals where required by law, meaning they are This news just ruined my day and it hurts me to share it with you, but i want to make sure that you are all aware that nars is no longer cruelty free.they have changed their testing policy to include the dreaded, “except where required by law” clause and will be entering the chinese market where animal testing on imported cosmetics is required by law. Nars is stepping away from their cruelty free title and will beginning to sell in china later this year

Nars Has Made The Decision To Move Into The Chinese Market Which Could Prove A Huge Sales Margin For The Brand But In Doing So They Unfortunately Have To Abide By Chinese Laws About Ingredient Safety And Animal Testing Laws.

The beauty industry is continuously changing to keep up with the world we live in, and there’s no denying the “i know some people would prefer makeup not to be. In a move that has seriously upset their fan base, nars have announced they are no longer a cruelty free brand, after making the decision to sell their products in china.

It’s Not Hard To Understand Why This Nars Blush Is A Cult Favorite.

Casey holmes youtube this link is my favorite beauty guru’s beauty channel, check out some of her videos! Nars also sells its products in stores in mainland china where animal testing is mandatory for most imported cosmetics. Finished products tested on animals yes, where required by law ingredients tested on animals no suppliers test on.

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